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Hi and welcome to 1st Skene BB website, thank you for looking, it’s great to have you hear, we hope you find something of interest, as you can see we are a lively lot at 1st Skene, our front page shows what we have been up to this year so far.


We are always looking for new boys to come on board, we dont have a waiting list..


We are keen to establish that spirit of adventure where the boys are given something different that makes a difference in their development and learning, our activities range from model making to mountain biking in some of Scotland’s toughest terrain.


Our officers and helpers are at the heart of what we do - with combined experiences spanning decades of working with boys and achieving the necessary qualifications and standards which make the adventure trully exciting.


Its not all about sports - we have a disciplined BB career path where the boys are encouraged to achieve high standards in demonstrating leadership, team building, project work, leading towards the Queens badge and Duke of Edinburgh awards. Every year we have boys achieving the highest awards and adding value to their life’s beyond the BB.  We are encouraged by the support we have from the younger officers who have come through from Anchor boys to officer level, its great having the young officers who are the future and they provide such value to the company from thier experience, motivation and enthusiasm.


Ok enough of me please look around the site and make contact to discuss any aspect of our programme and please remember - we never have a policy of having to wait to join, we are always looking for boys with that spirit of adventure or parents too!








Presidents Badge awards...well done boys or is it "men"


Captains message